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Sep 27, 2013 - Travel Town Transportation Museum

Want to plan a different kind of birthday party for your children? If the answer is yes, then you should consider having the birthday party celebration at Travel Town Transportation Museum and bring all the party goers there in a charter Los Angeles bus. Before you shake your head thinking we are crazy to suggest such a venue for a birthday party, we just want you to know that Travel Town is not just any regular museum that exhibits modes of transportations. It is an outdoor museum that preserves and celebrates the railroad heritage of the western United States, especially the history of Southern California and how the railroads helped in its development.

At the Travel Town Transportation Museum, the birthday kid and his or her friends will be able to climb aboard old trains and run around in it – something that they don’t usually get to do. The trains are huge and stripped down so that the kids can climb onto it and use their imagination as they pretend that they are the train masters themselves. They also have train rides for the kids to ride in and the train goes around the park, which takes about ten to fifteen minutes and this absolutely gets the kids going wild. They may even tell you that the train ride is even more fun than the ride they had in the charter coach that they came in. If the kids love trains, this place will be like a “train paradise” to them. The Travel Town museum also have a gift shop that sells railroad related toys, books and clothes where your party guests can always go in and buy some things to bring home with them.

Your party guests will be very much delighted that you have planned the party at Travel Town because it is truly a unique and one of a kind of birthday party. The staffs at Travel Town are quite experienced and we are sure that from the point of planning right up to executing the whole birthday party, it would be smooth sailing for you. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call them and they will assist you accordingly. Just as you need to make reservations for the birthday party at the Travel Town Transportation Museum; you will also need to make a booking for the Los Angeles charter coach to bring everyone there.

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