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Los Angeles Travel Guide

Jan 25, 2013 - Lesser known Los Angeles

As with everything in California and Los Angeles, everything is a little larger than life. There is the awesome theme parks, endless beaches, serene outdoor sites, perfectly natural and inviting national parks...they are just screaming for everyone to let their hair down. And this one shall do when one is in Los Angeles California with coach bus charter Los Angeles services. Cruise around effortlessly and comfortably in the rented coach charter while letting the bus driver handle the infamous traffic and parking woes is just the way to go.

In Griffith, there is a place called Travel Town and you can head there easily together with the bus driver from Coach Bus Los Angeles and your family and friends. This tourist attraction is just the thing for train lovers. The museum features some of the oldest trains and locomative known to man, including a southern pacific locomotive which had its best days back in the 1880s. Tour guides are available and they will take you through the various exhibits in Travel Town and explain how the railroads in and around California had a role to play in helping build Southern California. The full-sized trains, including the bright red 1929 Santa Fe Steel Caboose (yes, ever heard of that term in modern days?) are all incredibly interesting to look at and learn about. The caretaker takes residence in the 1956 Union Pacific Sleeper Car.

Another site of interest for tourists and vacation goers who are heading over when they rent a charter coach Los Angeles would be the Louis Torrance’s Western Museum of Flight. This attraction gives you the ins and outs of the aerospace industry but this does not mean that the girls are going to be bored during the trip. Try learning up something new about these magnificent machines and start impressing the boys when you head back home after your Los Angeles charter coach rental vacation. Here’s your chance to learn more about the supersonic stealth fighter, the Northrop F-5 and not to mention the YF-23A.

The Wende Museum will make you feel like you are visiting Los Angeles as a spy. As you step off the charter bus Los Angeles vehicle, you should get ready to awed by the huge East German Cold War collections by Justinian Jampol. This is the only time you will get the chance to pore over significant work of the East German Secret Police, propaganda posters, secrets of the Berlin Wall and also strong artifacts from Stasi.

With so many places to visit, we are sure that you can make do with a charter bus from a reputable company like Coach Bus Los Angeles - we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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