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Nov 11, 2013 - Enchanted With The Magic Castle

We wished that The Magic Castle was open to everyone...really, because we had so much fun attending the shows and mingling with some of the best magic aficionado in Los Angeles. The club is a private entity unless you are staying in Magic Castle Hotel, in which you are automatically entitled to admission. We went there because one of our coach bus Los Angeles travel buddies is an active member.

All in all, The Magic Castle can be described as a magical place that makes the most out of entertainment as possible. The ‘old’ Victorian era and dark interior adds an edge of mystic into the whole coach bus Los Angeles experience. So, walking in is like walking into a whole new darker, more mysterious world.

Although the establishment does not serve meals, there are drinks going around and you are free to get your own one at the bar. We marvelled massively at the extensive use of wood paneling and thought that the wood all but adds more to the mystery of the building. Everything feels like there is a dark history behind it. If you think that the ‘acts’ were for grownups only, you have another think coming. During our coach bus Los Angeles visit, we found children aged between 10 to 14 hanging around with their parents or relatives, completely immersed with the scene unrolling before them. None of them were bored or listless throughout their stay, therefore, we can come to the conclusion that The Magic Castle is for everyone across all ages.

The club continuously recruit new members and you can be a member too if you are truly are a magician or interested in magic. Some of the members became members of The Magic Castle because they wanted a private venue to entertain special guests, most of them from the business world.

It is a bummer, though, that in order to maintain the club’s integrity, members and coach bus Los Angeles visitors are subjected to a very strict dress code. You can’t get in with your jeans and casual t-shirts. You need to be dressed (literally) to the nines in order to get in through the door. But some of you thrive on that...and this could be your chance to show off your extensive wardrobe.

To say that The Magic Castle is serious about magic is a mere understatement. Exclusive magic classes are offered to members who are interested in picking up magic as a profession. We were told that this isn’t your usual trick-the-kids and illusion magic stuff....the classes are so extensive that you could literally learn how to be a professional magician and make a good living doing it.

So, if you get the chance to visit this wonderful coach bus Los Angeles attraction, we strongly recommend it.

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