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June 19, 2013 - California Science Center

Science museums are aplenty in this country and one never runs out of inspirations and ideas when visiting any science museums. Boys usually enjoy this subject in schools, and on rare occasions, you will find some girls who enjoy science in schools too. But, we do believe that generally, most children enjoy learning about the world around them, and planning trips or outings to science museums or science centers will never be a boring activity for them. Having said that, why not plan a trip to the California Science Center in one of our comfortable Los Angeles coaches?

Located at 700 Exposition Park Drive, Los Angeles, the California Science Center is one of the most frequented places in town and do make sure you have a least a few hours to spare if you are coming for a visit – simply because you don’t want to be rushing through the exhibitions inside without being able to stop and “experience” some of their exhibits. Travel to the California Science Center in one of our Los Angeles buses and avoid the hassle of having to find the place and a parking spot.

The best thing about this Science Center is that you do not have to pay any kind of fee to enter into their permanent exhibits. Yes, you read it right, admission is FREE to the California Science Center. That makes it all the more reason for you to bring your kids (and their friends and your neighbor’s kids too, if you can!) to the center and let them roam the place and explore everything under the sun about science – especially if you are planning to rent one of our LA coaches to go!

At the California Science Center, you and your kids will enjoy more than one hundred permanent interactive displays as well as discovering the world around them and the effects of all living things. The greatest honor of the center is to be picked by NASA as the permanent home of the Space Shuttle Orbiter Endeavour – and while there is no admission fee to the center, there is a minimal fee to the space shuttle. If you happen to have among your group younger children, there are also playrooms for toddlers in two sections where they can occupy themselves with many kid activities while the older ones explore the center.

There are a few places that you can go for a meal at the Science Center, but if you prefer to eat elsewhere, you can always ask our friendly Los Angeles bus driver to recommend a good place for you to go. Otherwise, McDonald’s, Taco Bell Express and Starbucks are some of the options that you have at the center.

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